12 Aug 2013

Pink dinosaur birthday party {Customer creations in the spotlight}

I recently received a picture from a sweet customer, Kathy, who hosted a pink dinosaur party for her little princess. To celebrate her daughter's second birthday she set up this adorable dessert table using cupcake toppers, food labels and a custom made matching banner as decoration.  

Thank you so much for the picture Kathy, it's wonderful to be able to see your party come to life.

10 Jul 2013

Signature Cocktail Flags - {Customer Creations}

Back in April a lovely customer who was getting married, Rachel, contacted me with the question if I could design custom drink flags for her wedding.  Instead of personalising the flags with the names and wedding date of the happy couple as I usually do, Rachel had the fun idea to have their signature cocktails on the flags.: "Rum Punch Rachel" and "Ocean Blue Hugh".

Signature drink flags - photography by tmphotography

cocktail flags - photography by tmphotography

Rachel recently sent me a couple of pictures from her wedding (photo credit: Tine Hofmann of tmphotography).   I was over the moon when she sent me these pictures. Not only because they look great, but it also touched me deeply that she took the time to send them to me. And the absolutely best thing? She even included a photo of Hugh and herself which allowed me to "meet" the happy couple.  Don't they look radiant?

The Happy Couple

Thank you so much for sharing Rachel!  You were a dream to work with and I wish Hugh and yourself a life full of sparkle. ;)

x Tania

19 Jun 2013

Bee Baby Shower {shop update}

An excellent way to thank friends and family for coming to your baby shower is by sending them a thank you note.  If you would like to thank them for BEE-ing there, you can use this cute flat card which is now available in the shop as in instant download!

You can find other matching items here.

25 Apr 2013

Calligraphy - a new hobby

I seem to suffer from this creative illness where my mind suddenly stops and thinks: hey, I want to learn how to do that!

Some of the skills I've acquired through the years I pick up from time to time, such as sewing for instance or knitting. Others, like ahum, ... gardening, well, let's just say that I soon learned that my fingers aren't as green as I thought they were.

I'm currently taking a calligraphy course and after learning the basics we now get to experiment with different inks, papers and more creative ways of writing.  Now that I have some knowledge of how to use a calligraphy pen I'm also hoping that I can teach myself how to write Copperplate.

After reading some really good reviews about this book: Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy by Eleanor Winters, I went ahead and ordered it.  I also ordered a bunch of new supplies as this particular kind of calligraphy requires its own set of nibs and pens.

Because I'm taking a course I already know that one can only truly master calligraphy by practising often. It is definitely not something that you can learn overnight. I guess I'd also better stock up on paper then...

20 Mar 2013

Hope Notes

After reading a wonderful guest blog post by Colleen Attara on The Petit Cadeau blog about hope notes I've been inspired to write a couple myself. 

Colleen described the hope notes as little notes of love and encouragement that you send off into the world not knowing who is going to receive them, but believing with all your heart that the right person will find them.

So I used my newly acquired (I'm still a beginner) calligraphy skills, took out a bunch of small cards I had lying around and wrote a few short sentences: dream big, you deserve to be happy, pay it forward,...

I plan to leave them between the library books I'm currently reading.  

I wonder, have you ever found one? Could a small note written by a stranger have an effect on your life? 

1 Mar 2013

How to make your own luck {free printable}

Would you like to know how to make your own luck this year?

Sometimes making your own luck can be easier than you think. Have a look here at how the lovely Allisa Jacobs from Quiltish came up with several clever uses for these free printable St. Patrick's Day cupcake toppers. 

Lucky cupcake toppers - photo courtesy of Allisa Jacobs
Here's a sneak peek...

Lucky gold coins - photo courtesy of Allisa Jacobs

Thank you Allisa for sharing your ideas and for allowing me to guest post on your blog.

What would you make with this printable?  Download them for free on Allisa's blog and let me know in the comments!

x Tania

PS: If you're a small business owner like myself I strongly recommend reading the Business Bits on Allisa's blog.  She shares some very valuable information in those posts, it's like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  And of course, while you're there your eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the elegant clutches Allisa designs.  

This is one of my favorites. Gorgeous, isn't it?

22 Feb 2013

A late Valentine's Day post

I haven't posted much this month, but of course that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  

Early February I was contacted by MommyDecorates.com if I was willing to design a set of free printable cupcake toppers for their Pink and Gray themed Kids Valentine's Day photo shoot. I couldn't resist so I designed a cute set of toppers which I hope you will like "beary" much.

Serra from MommyDecorates.com hired professional photographer Kasia from Kasia Sutton Photography and the results are gorgeous.

Photo by Kasia Sutton Photography via MommyDecorates.com

You can see more beautiful pictures of the party here and here as well as plenty of decorating tips for a child friendly Valentine's Day party.  If you would like to download the "Beary Love" cupcake toppers yourself, you can do so here.

I will also be working with MommyDecorates.com for their Easter photo shoot so keep an eye out for more goodness on the blog later.
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